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About Us

Dining Out For Life San Francisco is produced by San Francisco AIDS Foundation ensuring that the funds raised through this exciting community event stay local.

Established in 1982, San Francisco AIDS Foundation targets the radical reduction of new infections in San Francisco through education, advocacy and direct services for prevention and care. We refuse to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable. Serving more than 25,000 people per year, we work to develop new strategies to prevent new infections and to ensure the health of those living with HIV.

In addition to our programs and services, our public policy work at the local, state and national levels is critical in uncertain times. We advocate for equal access to health care, drug assistance and housing programs, harm reduction, and other issues that affect our community.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation has been awarded the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence in recognition of the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness and cost effectiveness, according to a rigorous independent review and certification process.

Your Donation at Work

Donations to San Francisco AIDS Foundation help provide essential services for HIV prevention and care.

Your gift helps us provide some of the essential services listed below. While government funding supports a share of these services, private support like yours bridges the gap and allows innovative programming to fully serve those in need.

  • $10 provides 143 condoms to prevent HIV transmission.
  • $25 helps one client cover out of pocket healthcare costs.
  • $50 provides a mobile phone for a client living with HIV so they can stay in touch with their support system and be reminded of upcoming medical appointments.
  • $100 provides 10 gay, bi, and queer Black men with 1-on-1 counseling support services for one month.
  • $150 provides 1,000 sterile syringes to prevent transmission of HIV and hepatitis C.
  • $250 enables 20 trans and gender non-binary clients to meet weekly and build meaningful connections.
  • $500 enables 50 long-term survivors who lived through the early years of the HIV epidemic to connect with and learn from each other.
  • $750 provides our sexual health team with the supplies needed to offer HIV and STI screens for 84 people.
  • $1,000 funds one weekend-long seminar where people recently diagnosed with HIV can learn more about living healthily with HIV.
  • $2,000 fuels our Mobile Testing Unit for over one year, allowing us to reach diverse communities across the City.

Contact Us

For more information about Dining Out For Life or San Francisco AIDS Foundation, visit sfaf.org or contact us:

Marc Silva, Associate Director of Events
p. (415) 487-3065
f. (415) 487-3094

Sponsorship Opportunities

For information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Peita Dixon, Director of Corporate & Institutional Partnerships
p. 415.487.3079

Ambassador Log-in

Top 2018 Fundraisers
  1. Paul B. Tan (San Francisco, CA) - $19,735.00
  2. David Guzman (San Francisco, CA) - $9,890.10
  3. Maureen Watson (San Francisco, CA) - $7,125.00
  4. Peter Ohm (San Francisco, CA) - $5,537.50
  5. Joe Hollendoner (San Francisco, CA) - $4,967.00
  6. Chip McAllister (San Francisco, CA) - $3,836.75
  7. A.J. Summa (San Francisco, CA) - $3,606.50
  8. Ferdinand Garcia (San Francisco, CA) - $3,455.00
  9. David Cowell (San Francisco, CA) - $3,417.50
  10. Clyde Stormont (Sacramento, CA) - $3,325.00
Top 2018 Teams
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